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Are you scared of your own house?

Do you think you have "ghosts" in your house?

Do you want answers, explanations and help to deal with strange goings on?

Help is at hand contact B.P.I. now and we will get back in touch.

If your worried your property is haunted then please consider this, 98% of people who believe their house is haunted are actually not experiencing anything paranormal and a perfectly logical explanation can be found. As paranormal investigator's the first thing we would do on an investigation is assess your property and carry out a EMF sweep to see the reading are high. Its thought that high EMF or electro magnetic fields can play tricks on the brain causing anyone sensitive to them to experience all sorts of things that are not actually there and removing this field cures the haunting.

If we cant find a logical explanation for what is taking place we would move on to a paranormal investigation where a whole host of equipment would be used to try capture some evidence of what you have been experiencing. A paranormal investigation is always conducted with an open mind

British Paranormal Investigations or B.P.I as we get called was a small group of paranormal researches and investigators for some years until approx. 5 years ago when the group was disbanded and taken over by Andy Graham since then they have been carrying out both public ghost hunts and private paranormal investigators with a team of people. However since December 2013 B.P.I have now decided to scale down public ghost hunts and concentrate on private investigations, this does not mean we wont do any public hunts ever again.. B.P.I enjoyed some fantastic times including a trip to U.S.A to film for "My Ghost Story" and met some wonderful characters but we feel its high time we concentrate on alleged haunted house investigations. B.P.I don't normally charge a fee for investigations but do ask for fuel costs etc. to be paid if outside the north east of England. Your first point of contact should you wish to talk to us will be by email and don't forget to leave your contact details so we can contact you and if needed arrange a survey of your property. B.P.I are not affiliated with any public ghost hunt groups.

Do you want to be a paranormal investigator?

We are currently looking for a level headed person over the age of 18yrs and based in North East England to join our team. Weather you believe or are a skeptic we don't mind as long as you have an open mind and be committed to  BPI. email us a little about yourself and we will be in touch.

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